Ascend Imaging Center in Southfield, Michigan is Offering Free Calcium Score in Honor of February’s “American Heart Month”

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cloud computing Ascend Imaging Center in Southfield, Michigan is Offering Free Calcium Score in Honor of February's

Southfield, MI, January 31, 2023 –(– Ascend Imaging Center (, an independent diagnostic medical imaging center in Southfield, Michigan, is honoring American Heart Month by offering interested participants a free Calcium Score of the heart for the month of February. A Calcium Score is an initial, special exam of the heart using low dose CT (Cat Scan). The participant’s images will be evaluated for the amount and density of calcium deposits by Ascend’s trained physicians. The imaging center states that screening can be a predictor of future heart health and a potential for future heart attacks.

Heart Attacks are the leading cause of death in the United States with more than 50% of all heart attacks suffered by individuals with no prior symptoms. New technology now exists to identify the location, type and quantity of plaque in the coronary arteries that previously were only available through invasive procedures such as heart catheterization. Also known as PCI, this procedure involves inserting a small camera scope directly into the coronary arteries through a catheter. This procedure is accurate, however holds a 3% risk of severe complications and even death.

Technologies now exist to reduce the risks associated with heart catheterizations (PCI) through the use of artificial intelligence, or more commonly called AI. Ascend Imaging is positioning its services to be a future “Heart Center of Excellence” for this technology in the state of Michigan as well as nationally. Currently, Ascend Imaging Center services patients referred to them from all over the United States and beyond.

Partnering with artificial intelligence providers such as Cleerly Health ( and Heartflow (, both AI companies, Ascend has been able to leverage technologies currently being touted in January’s recent CNBC article by Kerima Greene, titled, “How AI is detecting heart attack risk and aiming to outsmart America’s No. 1 killer,” featuring quotes from Cleerly founder Dr. James Min, cardiologist. The company states that technologies like these likely will lessen the incidence of heart attack and provide individuals with cutting edge preventative health measures to extend their lives.

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